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Expert analysis: how to properly nourish and protect the liver


If a liver patient wants to recover, he must first be treated with medication, but treatment alone is not enough. As the saying goes: "Three-point treatment, seven-point support." Especially for patients with liver disease, the role of maintenance is particularly important.

In summary, the maintenance of patients with liver disease has roughly three aspects, namely: rest, mood and diet.

1. Rest is very important in the maintenance of liver diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver stores blood, and "being still means that the blood belongs to the liver, and movement is popular in the extremities." From the perspective of modern anatomy, the liver is full of viscera (hepatic sinusoids), which coincides with the ancients' understanding. The liver is a processing plant of the human body, and the nutrients that all functional activities depend on are generated, transported, transformed and stored in the liver. Increased functional activity requires the liver to work faster. Therefore, rest of patients with liver disease is the most important. The best rest is sleep, and patients with liver disease should get enough sleep. At night, you should rest on time. It is best to go to bed at no more than 10 pm. Bedtime should also be properly rested during the day. Patients with acute hepatitis should rest completely in bed. In the acute episode of chronic hepatitis, transaminase suddenly rises. If it is above 150 units, in addition to getting enough sleep, you have to rest in bed for two or three hours a day, and try to keep as little activity as possible. When the transaminase drops to about 80 units, you can do some activities, such as walking. But you have to spare. In short, the principle of not fatigue. Patients with hepatitis and cirrhosis must not do vigorous activities, such as climbing, running, playing ball, etc. I remember a patient with Hepatitis C who had been treated with Chinese medicine for a period of time. All liver function indicators reached normal levels. At this time, the unit held a sports meeting. He ran for 200 meters, and then obviously felt uncomfortable. One laboratory test showed that the transaminase reached more than 300.

2. The importance of human mental state to liver disease. "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" pointed out: "All diseases are born in qi," and it is not uncommon for people with aggravated liver disease to have severe liver disease. "Anger is even vomiting blood and diarrhoea on qi". Vibration in patients with liver cirrhosis can cause vomiting, hematemesis and diarrhea, which is common in chronic diseases. In some patients with liver disease, violent gas causes abnormal liver function and even causes liver necrosis. In addition, getting caught in a hurry is also a taboo for patients with liver disease. Probably in 1997, there was a patient with liver disease, usually only a positive virus test, liver function was basically normal, he did not have any obvious bad feelings, and usually did not take the medicine on time. He was the secretary of a party branch in a rural village in Changtu County. Before he was hired, he felt that he might lose the election this time, so he was very anxious and tried everything he could, but finally lost the election. Suddenly there was a fire, and the liver disease worsened at once. Later, when I went to the hospital to check, it was acute liver necrosis. He died soon. And his compatriot brother is treating the disease at the time, which was in the middle and late stages of cirrhosis and hematemesis often. After his brother's death, I was very worried about his condition, and his wife and children were also very worried, but he was very open-minded, often humorous, and sometimes made his wife laugh .... Under active treatment, the person's condition gradually improved and he is still alive and well. Good mental state is very important for patients with liver disease.

In clinical practice, I often encounter some patients with hepatitis C. My condition continues to improve after taking the drug, but it suddenly gets worse after a while. One question (after questioning) is that some are anxious and angry because of something, and some are falling in love. Some patients have liver disease and worry all day. Taking the same medicine, his efficacy is far less than others.

3. Diet of patients with liver disease. "The Emperor's Internal Classic" talks about "five flavors to support the five internal organs". That is to promote the diversity and balance of diet. This is consistent with the scientific concept of nutrition in modern medicine. The diversity and balance of the diet is a necessary condition to ensure that the body does not lack all nutrients. Diversity refers to common foods in our daily life: such as rice, noodles, grains, beans, various vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, fish, etc .; balance refers to a reasonable combination of various main and side dishes. Since ancient times, the diet of Chinese people has mainly consisted of grains and vegetables with a small amount of meat and eggs. "The Emperor's Internal Classics · Angryness and Heaven" talks about "the birth of Yin, the original five flavors" refers to the maintenance of human life activities, the material foundation of "yin essence", can not be separated from the nourishment of the five flavors (sweet, bitter, sweet, salty) Generally, normal people or light patients have no strict taboos, and the five flavors of the diet can be eaten, but not too much.

The medical sage Zhang Zhongjing said in the opening chapter of "Golden Gui Yaoluo Zangfu Meridian Meridian Syndrome and Treatment": "Where the liver is diseased, supplement it with acid, help with coke dry, and benefit from spicy medicine. Use this method for liver deficiency In fact, it is no longer used. "This points out the five principles of medication and diet for patients with liver disease from the two aspects of deficiency and reality.

In short, treatment depends on the doctor, and maintenance depends on yourself. The above is the maintenance experience in the prevention and treatment of liver diseases in medical practice, for your reference.

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