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Hepu Pharmaceutical is the world's first new drug research and development company based on the NTCP target. The company's product Hepratide has a complete intellectual property protection system. At present, it has completed a phase I safety clinical trial. Carry out phase II clinical trials, greatly shortening the clinical trial cycle. Chronic hepatitis B phase II / III clinical trials have been approved, and preparations are under way to start. It is expected to be completed and submitted to NDA in 2022.
Hepalatide for diabetes has received a pre-IND meeting response from the US FDA Diabetes Ic / IIa clinical trial application, agreeing to submit an IND application, and is preparing a US IND declaration.

According to the research results, the clinical trial of Hepalatide for the treatment of hepatitis D is feasible in China, with an objective market prospect, and preparations for the initiation of clinical trials are in progress.

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